Mark de Clive-Lowe

MdCL- who you feeling right now as far as DJ's? Plus..who are you playing a recent chart? I find it real hard to find good music burried in the ton of crap on Beatport and such. Peace!

Mark de Clive-Lowe responded on 01/21/2013

there's countless great DJs out there. most recently i've been hearing guys in south africa who are super on point and vibey on the soulful house tip. transmicsoul, vinny da vinci and kid fonque were killing it at parties down there. off the top of my head, i'm always happy to hear sets by rich medina, ge-ology, spinna, lefto, dego, mad mats, the people's cali and cecil out of oakland, aaron byrd, houseshoes, raydar ellis, and no doubt countless more... haven't done a chart in a while, should really get on with that some time soon.

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