Mark de Clive-Lowe

Hi, How have you dealt with being undercut with pay for gigs? It seems like it always happens to me even tho I do employ contracts now. Any advice? Also, is it worth playing free gigs to build ur name

Mark de Clive-Lowe responded on 05/02/2012

if you put a price tag on your work there will always be someone who can undercut you. the thing to do is to develop your own sound and style so that if someone wants You and Your Sound, then they have to (at least somewhat) respect your fee. someone else might offer them to do the same job for less, but if you really have your own sound that is unique to you, then that cheaper person will not be able to deliver what you can. if you sound miscellaneous, then you're more likely to lose the gig to someone who undercuts. there's a lot to be said too for developing a social rapport and adding the personal touch with your clients so there's a connection that's more than just coldly professional.

doing things for free can be good building - especially when you're starting out. just dont do it to undercut someone else. do it because you're in a situation for the love of it along with others. if you see cash flying around tho, maybe you should be getting paid!

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