Mark de Clive-Lowe

Do you have any tips/tricks to get past the "loop" stage (as in working on a loop and sticking with it ;-)) in the songwriting process ?
Thanks for all your great work ! So inspiring !

Mark de Clive-Lowe responded on 03/06/2012

loops are a great place to start - if you check out a lot of great hip hop (almost any dilla beat for starters), the loop has very few significant changes but it can go on forever without getting boring or losing its flavor. that's when you know you have something really strong to start with. beyond that, if you want to add flavor to a loop, you can add additional musical elements, remove elements, change the sonics of elements... i like to get to a point where it's all working great, then mute everything but the drums and work on a complimentary other section that can work as a change or switch. check out biggie's 'Unbelievable' as a great example of that being done in a really simple but effective way. DJ Premier SMASHED that one like he always does :) most of all, have fun with it and know that there's no real rules as long as it sounds dope

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