Mark de Clive-Lowe

Hi Mark, we'd be happy to see you again in NL. I was wondering how much time does it take for you to finish a track? Days, weeks? Just curious...

Mark de Clive-Lowe responded on 01/10/2012

hi there. i love holland - always a real pleasure to play there, and i'll be back again in april guesting on piano with Dwight Trible's Cosmic Band (Apr 4 @ Toko Amsterdam / Apr 5 @ Bird Rotterdam).

i work pretty fast in studio.. the basic idea for a track - drum groove and harmonic ideas - come together super fast. finishing the track depends on how much material there is to work with. when it's a full live band, it takes me about 4 hrs to fully edit that, and it's usually a couple of hours of sitting with the track adding small details, listening to it again and again, and almost waiting for the track to tell ME what it needs ;) (if that makes any sense!). i used to take a lot longer and worry more about it being perfect or not, but now i'm a huge believer in capturing the moment, the vibe, and letting something be what it is !

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