Mark de Clive-Lowe

when are you gonna start working with more kiwi artists?do u like whats comming out of nz music wise?

Mark de Clive-Lowe responded on 12/27/2011

i love what's coming out of NZ - the music scene back home has always been strong, but over the last 5 years i think it's really come of age, which is great to see :) julien dyne, myele manzanza and rikki gooch are 3 people making really amazing music that stands alongside any music from anywhere around the world.

as far as collabs go, i worked on a couple of jams on myele's upcoming solo album, and there's tracks in the can with cherie mathieson and joe dukie that will see the light of day when the time's right. i'd love to collab more with NZ artists, i think i need to get down there for a good month or so and really get busy!

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