Mark de Clive-Lowe

how did you start 'church'?

Mark de Clive-Lowe responded on 11/07/2011

CHURCH has been going just over a year now. in london i did an improvised electronic clubnite called Freesoul Sessions - one of my favorite things to do there. when i relocated to LA i wanted to do a simliar thing, but not the same - a whole new vibe. a big part of living here has been reconnecting with my jazz roots and embracing them again. BIG thanks to nia andrews for getting me back on the acoustic piano (an instrument i'd hardly touched for almost 10 years!) at her debut show at angels. we had such a great time doing that show, angels became the first place we thought of launching the monthly. the basic idea of the night is to present my whole musical journey - from acoustic jazz through to electronics and dancefloor beats. it's great to be able to blend that all into one night. being able to build with other like-minded musicians and meet so many new ones thru Church has been great too.. spontaneous guests and surprises for all of us :) hopefully we'll tour Church to more cities

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