Mark de Clive-Lowe

1. Now that you've been on the Maschine, do you feel like you will push the MPC3k aside for good?

2. Do you feel programming beats in Logic (EXS/Ultrabeat) is just as easy AND FAST as constructing be

Mark de Clive-Lowe responded on 10/25/2011

i really love the 3000 and cant even imagine how many shows and tracks i've made on it. it's got a sound, swing and chunkiness that only a few other things have (like the SP), but i'm definitely not using it very much now that maschine is in the picture. for live shows it allows me to do so much more than 1 mpc and has made me switch up my workflow a bit too. change is good! i might pull the 3k out for nostalgia's sake sometime - it's not being sold that's for sure ;)

whether i'm making beats on the mpc, maschine, exs, battery or another format it doesnt really make a difference in speed to me. each one is better for different things and gives me a different end result. i do love the tactility of pads tho - but if all i have is a midi keyboard and EXS then it's still game on :)

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