Mark de Clive-Lowe

hi mark, u've been in LA nearly 3 yrs now. is there something u've learned or that's directly impacted your approach to music since being in LA that u can share w/us? how does it differ from LDN?

Mark de Clive-Lowe responded on 10/06/2011

miss andrews! welcome to the Q&A room :) good question indeed...

moving to LA has changed my life in countless ways - my only intention in leaving london and coming to LA was to start the next chapter, have new challenges and new learnings. all of that is constantly a daily reality for me here. i spent much of my 10yrs in the UK deconstructing the jazz musician in me and adopting club music as my primary style. being in LA has led me to re-embrace the jazz musician - and, considerable thanks to you and your debut show, the acoustic piano - which has really helped me rediscover my own musician within. collaborating with kindred spirits here in LA has made it feel more like home than i could have imagined and i'm excited to see what more is going to manifest. i feel like london was a learning curve and foundation preparing me for this experience. it was also vital in helping me find my voice/sound, and here and now is about spreading those wings even further :)

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