Mark de Clive-Lowe

I read U've bin playin since U were 4, so im guessin U knw alot abt playin the piano & can possibly break down the concept of Chord Progression 4 me in a simple way. I knw how 2 form chords.

Mark de Clive-Lowe responded on 05/03/2011

there really isnt enough space here to do a full chord progression lesson - maybe that's something i'll do sometime in a more appropriate way. but skipping all the pedagogy, just use your ears :) find sounds you like on the keyboard and listen and learn how altering the shape slightly can change the color of the chords. changing the bass note, etc too. the most fundamental concept with chord progressions is called the II-V-I (or 2-5-1) - read: - it deals with the basic idea of tension and release which translates to every type of chord progression.

on a more advanced level, every classic stevie wonder song is a complete harmony/chord progression lesson. learn some of those and really break down and look at what makes the progressions sound how they do - the shapes, the movements - in chord and bass note (which are all one thing anyway). most of all... have fun with it! :)

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