Mark de Clive-Lowe

What was your inspiration behind the "Lovesick" remix?

Mark de Clive-Lowe responded on 04/11/2011

i start remixes with the vocals and finding the drum groove that i want to be the foundation of the remix. then it's about feeling out the harmony/musicality approach i want to bring to it. for this one, mariella's vocals made me want to do it as a more deep house vibe than i might often do, but then as the track went on, there were these different chords and changes i wanted to bring in. so overall it ended up being a cross between a deep house joint and a soulful house one. part of the character of the remix came together when i looped up a tiny bit of her vocal which is playing from the very start (the high constant sound). at one point i tried adding even more music parts but it felt like everything it needed was already there. that's a really important part of production for me - knowing when to step away and know that everything that needs to be there is there :)

there's more to come with mariella - a downtempo joint also feat miguel atwood ferguson for her upcoming EP is next!

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