Mark de Clive-Lowe

What made you enter the broken beat scene in the uk?
who was the single main influence on you within the broken scene?

Was you make music with such rhythms before you was making jazz/broken?

Mark de Clive-Lowe responded on 04/04/2011

when i met that whole crew they were making music that was influenced by the entire history of black music, everything i loved, and shaping it in a new way that i wouldn't have even imagined. it was so inspiring, unexpected and exciting for me to hear and get involved with. it wasn't 'broken beat' then, it was just music. creative, exploratory, forward thinking music. i knew i had something to contribute and a lot to learn from it, and got deeply entrenched straight away.

i think we all influenced each other - everyone had such different vibes and styles and we all fed off each other in that way. IG was the one who flipped my mind the most rhythmically. kaidi musically. but everyone has their own flavor for sure.

rhythm is just rhythm. i grew up playing jazz in all sorts of forms and styles - acoustic, electric, afrocuban, funk... there was nothing new in 'broken beat' rhythms - it was just new to the electronic clubber ;)

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