Mark de Clive-Lowe

Are you slowly moving into the digital age using more digital synths and plug ins or do you still believe in hardware?

Also do you do the engineering of your tracks yourself?

Mark de Clive-Lowe responded on 04/04/2011

i use both - some tracks, even some entire projects, i use all digital gear. i do love hardware tho - analog synths have a characteristic that's pretty special. being able to be really hands on is great too like driving a stick instead of an automatic. my live shows are the full analog rig - rhodes, MPC, analog keys. but yes, i'm finding soft synths that i really like and can get the sound that i'm wanting to hear. end of the day, i like to make something dope no matter what the instrument is - soft/hardware, analog, acoustic, etc :)

i engineer all my own production and creative process and recording others, but i do have a mixdown engineer who's mixed probably my last 200+ tracks (everything starting with the tide's arising album). toni economides. he's mixed so much for me now, he really gets what i like and what i'm after. i might flip some of the mixdown after he's done it, but i love the way he brings an obejective set of ears to the music and his own mastery of the art of mixing

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