Mark de Clive-Lowe

I lost my MPC3k in transit from airline security flaws and was wondering if I should jump on the Maschine like others to replace my baby. I miss it and the ease of use. Now, its MPC or Maschine !?!?!

Mark de Clive-Lowe responded on 03/24/2011

man. i hope you had it covered by insurance!!!! that's my worst nightmare. i used to have two 3ks, one for studio, one for touring, now the studio one never goes on a plane. hence why i end up on a 2500 at some shows.

i know a number of producers who have moved onto maschine - some of the most established beatmakers in hip hop and house for starters, and as i always maintain: it doesn't matter what you make your beats or music on, as long as you can express your creativity and focus on mastering your instrument(s) of choice.

the MPC3000 has a characteristic that is undeniable, but that doesn't mean it's the only way to make a beat thump :) i know that when i have time to sit down with the maschine and really get into it, i'll probably end up using it a lot, possibly for the live shows too, we'll see.... ;)

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