Mark de Clive-Lowe

What advice would you give to young producers wanting to learn piano and harmony?

Secondly, do u create your music in a studio the same way you perform live? (with obvious exceptions)

Mark de Clive-Lowe responded on 03/15/2011

first thing would be to play. have a keyboard you like the sound of - a piano, a rhodes, a synth, whatever you dig, and play with it. make mistakes, try different things and start to see the relationship between shapes on the keyboard and the sounds you're hearing. get your favorite records and learn to play the chord progressions then look at those shaped and play with them in your own way. that's a good start. once that all starts to make sense you're learning harmony. stevie wonder and roy ayers both have really definitive harmonic sounds and concepts worth digging deep into.

in studio, i work a whole lot of different ways, but mostly on the computer on logic, keys close to hand and the MPC sometimes, but more often creating drums on logic, similar spontaneity vibe that i like with the MPC but just sequencing on the mac.

here's one studio video... remixing a lady alma vocal joint for yameen -

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