Mark de Clive-Lowe

Hey Mashi, is it very difficult for you to "exist" in the music world? I imagine it to be quite hard these days where everything is so short-lived (especially considering what happened to domu) pz

Mark de Clive-Lowe responded on 02/18/2011

i'm blessed to be pretty constantly working. whether it's in the studio making new music or remixing for other artists, or on stage doing live club shows, DJing, jazz gigs, there's always something going on. a big part of it is me being a live musician firstly - i've played piano since i was 4 - so i'm always going to be playing. new releases help keep it all going too, and i'm excited to have my first MdCL album in a few years dropping soon. gotta give the people what they want! :) i'm always working on different projects, often several at a time, which keeps it fun and fresh for me as well.

i know it's been a tough few years in the industry and i'm thankful that there's the fan support and interest all around the world to keep me going!

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