Mark de Clive-Lowe

What has been the one best moment in your career?

Mark de Clive-Lowe responded on 02/16/2011

i've been blessed to play and make music with so many great musicians, artists & producers, perform in so many amazing settings in many different countries and have dream situations seemingly randomly appear in my path... so it's hard to choose one best moment (!), but... one would definitely be when i was living in london and IG culture had put together a jam session over a few days with pretty much every musician he knew. i was really sick and stuck in bed then, but on the final day of the jam IG called me and said "man like pino palladino is here waiting for you!". now when i tell you i was sick, i was SICK. cold sweats, aches n pains, i was a mess. but that was enough to make me get out of bed and head down to the studio. pino is one of my favorite musicians - this was just after the d'angelo voodoo time - so there i was with cold sweats and pains, at the rhodes, jamming with him and a whole lot of other musicians. that was the start of a great friendship with a wonderful musician

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