Mark de Clive-Lowe

I saw you with GonestheDJ in Toulouse, France, and was wondering. Can we expect some "lost beat sessions" tape or some kind of "live on the web" show? Since you are quite the musician and really knows your stuff when it comes to creative music, I'm wondering if we can expect some really risky challenges in the future. I know my question sure is messy, but I hope you'll get what I meant...and don't you ever stop your career, 'right?

Mark de Clive-Lowe responded on 08/24/2013

hi paul, that was a fun night for sure :) gones has a great crew and crowd there too. there's a lot of interesting stuff coming up - the big band album earlier this year (Take the Space Trane on tru thoughts) was one whole different thing - me + 15 horns. i did a recent show with eric harland, chris dave and lil john roberts that was nuts, more on a jazz tip: ; and my project CHURCH is a blend of jazz club and dancefloor - there'll be an album project for that soon. i think a live on the web show would be fun - hopefully that can be set up sometime soon!

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