Mark de Clive-Lowe

how did u and jamire link up? and how do you go about linking up with other artists?

Mark de Clive-Lowe responded on 07/18/2013

we met randomly on the street in rotterdam outside a jam session at Toko 94 and a couple of years later, he was actually the first person i called to play drums when i started Church NYC. he couldn't make the show and recommended nate smith, who consequently became the main resident drummer for Church NYC. that's often the way - random meetings, vibing with someone, personal recommendations. sometimes i'll reach out to someone i'd like to play with or collaborate with and i'm fortunate that a lot of artists with a similar frame of mind know of me or my work already. Sy Smith has also been a big part of helping introduce me to great musicians - she recommended mark kelley for Church NYC and was my first connection to James Genus. Sy and i met after Modern Groove Assembly producer Steve Catanzaro heard i was moving to LA and insisted that we needed to link. everything seems to happen so organically and without being forced. that's always a sign that it's how it's meant to be :)

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