Mark de Clive-Lowe

2 questions...

1. What would say is the biggest career highlight(in terms of touring)?

2. The album "Take The Space Train", is it a first of it's kind for you(recording using a jazz band)?

Mark de Clive-Lowe responded on 07/05/2013

with touring, it's constant highlight - i'm able to keep going to so many amazing places and share my music with audiences all around the world. i'm thankful for sure. if i think of particular moments and places there's too many to list them all but some recent ones would include last year's south africa tours - they really know how to appreciate it down there!; the last two years of my clubnite CHURCH's residency in LA and NYC - so many great guests and magic moments; touring as a sideman in bands led by great artists like harvey mason and dwight trible; packing people in wall to wall in a tiny jazz club in tokyo's roppongi; playing with amazing musicians like eric harland, freddie washington, pino palladino, miguel atwood-ferguson.... i'm blessed!

as for the Space Trane album, my first albums i ever recorded in the mid 90s were acoustic jazz albums - a trio record, and a quintet record made in NZ. big band is a whole different beast though and it was great fun to do this project

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